Head of Commercial

Sell me this pencil. No actually, don't sell me this pencil, we don't want a salesperson like that.

Microsoft Partner - Silver Application Development Gold Cloud Platform Crown Commercial Service Supplier

We don't really want someone to do "hard sales" that's not very Razor at all. We want someone who loves technology, gets the positive impact that it can have on people and organisations and articulates how Razor can help drive positive change with technology. We want someone who can create a clear strategy (a posh word for plan) and then most importantly execute that plan.

Sometimes it’s easier to say what we don’t want than what we do, so here is a binary questionnaire, answer yes to any of these and you might as well stop reading any further;

  • In a conversation, do you use all the old sales tactics to "just get a sale"?
  • Emojis are not something you should ever use 😉
  • Listening comes last

OK, that was a short list of what we don't really want, but hopefully, you get the idea. We are after something less traditional.

You are probably now thinking, I get it - no hard sales - what do they want then?

We are looking for someone who has an infectious energy, one that resonates and builds on the Razor culture. Someone who can connect with people and build a relationship. Someone who has empathy and can gain rapport quickly. Someone who is a great listener and can present solutions. Creativity is a must and a passion to explore the new and be a pioneer is paramount.

We are looking for someone who knows they don't know everything and can ask for help and be a part of a team. To really flourish at Razor, you will want to be a part of something bigger than you or us and be happy to be pushed out of your comfort zone on a regular basis.

You will more than likely have some good experience in a similar role, owning the commercial strategy for a rapidly growing business. Also, a proven track record of negotiating business deals and technical solution sales.

We are looking for someone with the ability to think and act like a creative technologist. You will have a passion for tech which runs deep to understand not only the right technology solution, but the strategic benefits of this solution for our clients. You will live and breathe the latest technology trends and develop deep sector led understanding of our target audiences and markets.

You will have goals and targets but always with key results that are within your control. This won't be an easy ride though - if you want one of those, you are in the wrong place. We don't know about you but an easy ride seems a bit boring and a waste of time!

Sounds amazing, I am interested - how much then? Did we read your mind or what? We don't set bands or set figures - it's all about what value you can bring. We always look after our people and remuneration is no different.

Now you have a bit more of an understanding of the type of person we are after, here are a few of the tasks and responsibilities that you would have:

  • Developing and executing the Razor commercial strategy in order to deliver new business targets in line with our 2021 to 2025 business plan
  • Thinking creatively about what is the right technology strategy and solution for our customers and working with our extensive team of technology experts to conceptualise and communicate this for new and existing audiences
  • Leadership and line management of x3 Account Directors and act as a supportive function within existing client account development
  • Accountable for ensuring all client touch points and communications are delivered to an excellent standard and provide team with training and development on how to achieve this
  • Accurate and timely reporting on commercial KPI’s and performance to Razor Board and SMT
  • Management of Razor team business development CRM tool and lead generation tracking
  • Accountable for all major commercial deliverables within a client lifecycle - e.g. proposals, new business tender completion, contract negotiation, contract creation and opportunity closure
  • Accountable for ensuring Razor strategic business objectives are aligned to each commercial opportunity
  • Working collaboratively with Razor team members to craft, communicate technical solutions and strategic technology roadmaps to our customers
  • Balance the customer requirements with those of the business to determine optimal commercial position and maintain this through the lifecycle of customer relationship

Our challenge to you: get our attention and start a conversation. There are no set rules on how to do this and here are a few tips. Be different. Surprise us. Make the effort. Stand out.

Over to you

What to expect from us?

We pay you well and care about your development. We are flexible and offer flexible working hours. We understand that you are human and have a life outside of work. We don't expect you to slave away - we want you to be productive and happy.

We will give you some of the best people to work with - people who you will be able to teach and who you will also learn a lot from.

The work we do is vast and varied and almost all targeted at Azure. We work on high scale concurrency ticketing platforms, IoT platforms with stream processing and big data analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, cross-platform native mobile apps, bots, API's and of course websites.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries and have a clear vision of where we are going and who works well in our team. We are growing a culture with people who share our beliefs and want to enjoy the technology wave with us. We have our cause that is far greater than ourselves that we truly believe in.

Razor is a place where you will be pushed to reach your full potential.

If this has got you interested, you can read more about the benefits of working at Razor.

The inside view of the Razor Sheffield Office

A little bit about us and Razor. Razor is a technology consultancy. Strangely for a technology consultancy, we put technology after people. People come first which is why we always look to understand first, then respond. We don’t have a single product and we are constantly developing the future. We help organisations develop strategies and forge the vision of their future and we create disruptive and sustaining innovations. We work with the latest technologies and move quickly. The pace is fast, really fast and we have a lot of fun on the journey.

We believe that we have a strong positive and energetic culture. You will hear phrases like “leave your ego at the door” and “go forth and do something and ask for forgiveness if it doesn’t work”. We pride ourselves on encouraging people to push the boundaries and to have autonomy. We provide the direction and support, you bring the passion, energy and ideas to help us get there.

Some might refer to these as benefits, we don’t, we believe these are the basics;

  • Great salary
  • Attractive pension (4% matched contribution)
  • Generous holiday
  • 35-hour working week
  • Hybrid, flexible work arrangements
  • Healthcare cash plan
  • Enhanced maternity and parental pay
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Employee benefits scheme
  • Season ticket loan scheme
  • Breakfast, fruit and snacks
  • Regular social events
  • Mental health and wellbeing programme
  • Headspace subscription
  • Razor business holidays, 2 per year
  • Paid Christmas closure
  • Birthday off
  • Enhanced sickness policy

And we're working to introduce even more!

The real benefits that are harder to replicate;

  • Greenfield isn't an anomaly and is commonplace.
  • The latest technology and practices. Not just tinkering but used in the real world.
  • The opportunity to grow and be pushed.
  • A tech business actually run by tech people.
  • A culture of mentoring over management.
  • Real, true authentic passion and love for what we do.

There are more benefits of working at Razor.

You are interested, aren't you? Of course you are, who wouldn't be! We bet that you are thinking, what do I do now? The answer; get in touch.

Drop us an email at join@razor.co.uk or if you fancy having a bit of fun, register your interest via our fun little API and we will get the conversation started!

We can't wait to hear from you 🙌

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