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Why is SDaaS important?

It is said that the purpose of a business is to create a customer and the business enterprise has two and only two basic functions: marketing and innovation.

Technology is fast becoming a core foundation of every business and is enabling many marketing activities and driving innovation. Businesses don’t have a choice if they want to survive. Customers are pushing for better, simpler and easier ways to engage. This is being caused by customers migrating to better alternatives where the friction is lower than the reward.

If a business doesn't "digitally transform" they will be left behind and in many cases become a thing of the past.

Many businesses aren't full of techy types. There may be an IT department and sometimes a good number of developers. In most cases they are keeping up and making sure everything works. It’s hard to take bolder moves such as transitioning to a cloud infrastructure or innovating with native mobile apps or creating machine learning models to predict, automate and enhance experiences for he staff and customers.

We understand this challenge and for this very reason, we have developed an offering that we call Software Development as a Service (SDaaS).

What is it?

With the Razor SDaaS, we are your technical partner. You get instant access to our knowledge and experience and we start to make things happen. We can explore ideas and innovations using either our discovery framework, via Razor sprints or as a delivery team to accelerate existing initiatives or build new systems, integrations and enhancements.

Our team of specialists in all areas work with you to deliver at speed. If you need a technical architect, you get one, if you need a UX specialist, you get one or if you need someone to help you on your data journey, you get data specialists.

We take the technical headache away and you get to enjoy things being delivered at pace knowing that it is done right.

Why take this approach?

This approach isn't for everyone and that is OK. Many of our customers start with a discrete project either wrapped in a traditional fixed price with change control or a more agile approach to running a project. Once a project is delivered it is realised that there is great value in working with Razor and to maintain the momentum and continue to pull away from the competition an alternative approach would be more efficient.

The service provides these benefits:

  • Available on contract terms of between 12 to 60 months
  • Prices are fixed for the term of the agreement
  • People are ring fenced for the term of the agreement
  • Utilised for sequential and concurrent projects, to develop new features, refinements and to fulfil a roadmap, including discoveries and Razor Sprints
  • Includes regular reviews to ensure the necessary resources are allocated and to identify any flex that may be required, over and above the committed resources
  • Includes ongoing maintenance and support
  • Underpinned by an SLA
  • All wrapped up as a simple monthly investment

Why would you take this approach over a fixed price or discrete project? Other than having the long term commitment from us, beneficial rates for an extended duration you get efficiency, the working relationship is slicker with fewer barriers in place. Together we have a long term strategic view rather than a tactical project based perspective. The different perspective alone yields great benefits. In addition to this, you get access to our research and development efforts.

As we are deeper partners, you get to influence our R&D direction. We explore things that will benefit you. We bring these ideas and concepts to you on a regular basis. We supercharge your technology capacity far more than just being a supplier.

What else do we do?

Jon moody - CEO, SSG Insight

“I first came across Razor when looking to quickly start a new project that I knew required technology skillsets we didn’t have in-house. From this initial tactical approach, our relationship has grown to become very much a partnership with the Razor team becoming almost a virtual department in the company as they provide so much more than technical skills.

Their enthusiasm, pragmatism and ingenuity make them a pleasure to work with and the level of innovation they bring to problems and ideas compliments our in-house team perfectly. One of the true benefits of working with Razor is that they bring to the table ideas from their wider network leading to them contributing not just technically but also commercially and operationally.

In short, I would have no hesitation at all about recommending Razor as an innovative and trusted development partner.”

Jon Moody <> CEO <> SSG Insight

What we do
What else do we do?

From web applications, to bots, machine learning and computer vision. There is a lot we can do, what can we do for you?

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Discovery - Gaining clarity on where you are going

Not knowing where you are going can be disastrous for any business or project. Our unique Discovery process lifts the fog and provides the clarity needed.

The Razor Sprint

The Razor Sprint is designed for people who believe technology can enhance their business. If you want to make a change and take action, rather than just think and talk about it, Razor can help.