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Much of what we do is considered to be digital transformation. We conduct research and develop technical strategies, we build web applications and mobile apps, we understand processes and automate them, we integrate systems and create data driven dashboards and intelligent solutions driven by machine learning models.

We drive innovation with our Razor sprints and we research and plan using our discovery process that leads on to building solutions.

We consistently keep on the bleeding-edge of technology so that our partners can sit on the leading-edge and we do this by investing in research & development.

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Discovery is all about research, exploring and asking why and why not. Together we understand where we are going and what is needed before we jump in and start writing code.

A shared understanding is formed of what is needed and a clear direction. Challenging the status quo is one of the hardest aspects but is vital for the long term success.

The discovery process is a combination of user research, design thinking and technical exploration and experimentation. The right blend of experience is formed for your project and these team members take the project through to delivery.

Learn about our Discovery process and how it can help you

Razor Sprint

The Razor Sprint is designed for people, who believe that technology can enhance their business. It has been honed to explore, research, refine and develop minimal viable prototypes at speed.

A Razor sprint has the potential to create sustaining and disruptive innovations for your business keeping you a head of your competition and driving you into the future, all with the comfort of having digital pioneers on your side.

Get ahead with The Razor Sprint

User Experience & Design Thinking

We are believers that there is no place in this world for ugly, frustrating to use and slow software. Everything we produce is centred around people. People first, technology second.

At Razor, user experience isn't a job done, it is a part of the process and a core cultural belief. Experts in the area of interface design are important, and everyone else in the process are people too and have valuable input, insight and ideas to make the end result better.

Delve deeper into User Experience & Design Thinking

Data, Analytics & Machine Learning

Data is often touted as the new oil, and just like oil, when data is in its raw and unrefined state it has little value.

We take data and turn it into timely, actionable insights: information that can guide you towards a decision that will improve your bottom line.

We have all of the different skills required to achieve data maturity in your business, from user experience and research to understand what is needed, developers and software engineers who can extract, translate and store the data at scale and speed even from challenging, legacy and disparate sources through to data specialists who can begin to drive value from the data.

Read more about our Data, Analytics & Machine Learning capabilities

Web Applications & Software Development

From web forms to workflow processes and everything else inbetween. We build web applications that make things work and they are usually the glue between everything. The web application might be a conduit for a machine learning model or data collection. It might be an interface to some complex automations and a way for your team to train a computer vision model.It may also be a web site for your customers to interact with and transact.

Software development is such a broad area, there simply isn't enough space to cover everything. If it's a simple one page website, that's probably not us (although we can). If it’s something else that really does something, from a desktop app all the way through to a custom C++ wrapper to extract data from a CNC machine tool, we will be able to build it.

Mobile Apps & Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

We build native apps and PWA's where we need to extend the solution to a mobile environment and take advantage of some of the unique opportunities mobile devices offer.

There are many ways to build native mobile apps, full native on each platform with a separate code base, native using a platform such as Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms to cover both major platforms at the same time and web base wrappers such as Cordova. They all have their merits and we select the right one for the job rather than just having one way of doing it.

We also develop PWA's. With the trend moving away from the traditional app approach and platform vendors encouraging the use of PWA's, in many cases you don't need the overhead of a native app to get what you want done.

We have plenty of experience developing, releasing and maintaining mobile apps both for the consumer in the public app stores and for private delivery within organisations with mobile device management (MDM) platforms.

Azure Architecture & Consultancy

We've been working with Microsoft Azure since its inception, and the developments of the platform over the past 18 months provide bags of opportunity for our partners. We’ve become expert in architecting our digital products and systems for the Azure platform, taking advantage of its high level of flexibility.

Some of our partners have worked with us for longer than Azure has existed, we’ve also built valuable experience in migrating to Azure.

We are Gold Microsoft Partners for Cloud Platform, so you can be confident that we’ll get the best out of Azure to ensure your applications are performant, scalable and resilient.

Find out more about Azure & Azure Consultancy

Consultancy & Co-Creation

Sometimes you need a different perspective. Maybe you need to be challenged or go a little faster or you just need that special someone who has already done something to make sure that you don’t make mistakes.

This is where consultancy & co-creation can really accelerate your journey. We take the fear out of the new. We have lots of experience, learning and research and development to improve your current practices, speed up your delivery or add huge fire power to your innovation initiatives.

us + you = greater than the sum of its parts

Application Maintenance & Support

Most applications, once developed will need to be maintained and supported. Technology moves fast and they may need to be kept up to date with new releases of web browsers or security patches. The application may want to be expanded to do more or changed to cope with a new business need or demand.

Things change and that's OK. Razor provide ogoing support in a multitude of ways and can ensure that your critical applications are kept running and continue to be secure.

Software Delivery as a Service (SDaaS)

Many companies are realising that their businesses rely on technology and to be more that standard and run of the mill, they need custom software in various forms to give them an edge.

Forming your own team of technical experts is hard. Recruitment is hard, managing and leading technologists is different to what you are used to and keeping them engaged is difficult. Can you look at some code or an architecture and say if it is good or not? Probably not.

This is a big challenge for many companies and it is exactly why we have a product called Software Delivery as a Service (SDaaS). We are your tech partner and we work together to solve all of your problems, automate your business and to help you prosper. You get access to your own team and have on call software engineers, usability experts, designers, data scientists, strategists, project managers, testers and people who can act as your CTO.

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