Digital Product Development with Fretwell-Downing Hospitality

When Fretwell-Downing Hospitality identified an opportunity to break into a new market, Razor were perfectly placed to help craft an application and extend the skills of their internal development team.

Having identified an opportunity to create a new module that would integrate with their core product, Saffron, Fretwell-Downing were looking for a partner to work through a user-experience design process with them.

The combination of our experience in user-centred design and the technology stack we work with positioned us perfectly to collaborate with Fretwell-Downing on this exciting opportunity. Using our consultancy and co-creation model, we were able to provide coaching in various tools and techniques and accelerate the rate of delivery.

A screenshot of the Meal Slots functionality on an iPad

We put people at the centre of everything we do, so we started by working with subject matter experts at Fretwell-Downing to create personas. This helped us to understand what each user group would need from the application. Using this information we created and tested paper prototypes in order to prove the best solution while keeping costs to a minimum.

Paper prototyping allowed us to identify the best solution

One of the end user requirements was for the web application to be designed for use on an iPad in an environment where internet connectivity can’t always be guaranteed. Knowing this from the outset allowed us to build the application ‘offline first’, rather than trying to retrofit the requirement at the end of the development cycle.

The application is now in the final stages of integration with Saffron and the new interface components that we developed have formed a basis for the planned upgrade of Saffron.

The syncing feature on an iPad

Simon Ager

“The goal for us was to reinvent the way we design and create our software. Razor helped us by providing User Experience design and technical expertise to establish foundations we could build on in-house.

They quickly grasped the concepts of our application and delivered results we’re more than happy with. Above all else they’re a great bunch of people to work with.”

Simon Ager <> Head of Development <> Fretwell-Downing Hospitality
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