Creating a future-ready digital platform for Allstar

How Razor helped Allstar develop its digital platform management and move from a legacy process into a more savvy high security, flexible high-speed environment.

Allstar is a leading provider of specialised payment products, including fuel cards, business credit cards and fleet maintenance solutions.

Some Allstar platforms were operating in a legacy environment and their website technology had been left behind. Website changes caused instability to the platform and there was a hesitancy to change any underlying legacy code and infrastructure in fear of it having a negative impact.

Ultimately, this led to frustration with a lack of agility and speed when delivering initiatives and new innovations.

The engagement started with discovery. First, we had to understand the big picture and find out what there was, how it worked and why it was like it was. We were then able to define a roadmap and a plan on how to achieve it.

All of the customer-facing websites were migrated from a legacy style brittle infrastructure to a true cloud architecture, at the same time improving the speed and security of each site.

The background processes were re-written from the ground up and brought into a true cloud-native design, making them more secure, smarter, more durable and resilient, reducing unknown issues while at the same time enabling them to be more flexible when changes were needed to be made.

All native mobile apps were taken from a legacy platform and re-built in Xamarin, Microsoft's cross-platform native app framework. At the same time, the user experience and interface design of the apps was re-imagined and improved.

A portrait photo of Jamie Hinton

“Working with Allstar has been a privilege. The team understands the importance of a solid, agile platform. We are looking forward to delivering new and innovative features to their platform.”

Jamie Hinton <> CEO & Founder <> Razor

App screenshots on Android phone and iPhone

Allstar now has a digital infrastructure and suite of applications that are secure, reliable, resilient and, importantly, supported by a team of experts.

This forms the digital platform; ready to roll out new technologies, initiatives, UX improvements and digital developments to help maintain their leading market position.

6 legacy processes

migrated to a cloud-native design

6 applications

had the security rating raised from C to A

100% GDPR compliance

for customer data retention

“Razor were a very collaborative partner who took the time to understand our needs and help us design and implement the backend platforms needed to support key areas of our digital estate.”

Roy Ramdarshan <> Head of Digital Europe <> Fleetcor
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